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  • Beautiful Family

    I am still amazed by aboudance of gorgeous places and locations to shoot in this marvelous city. The city itself is stunning backdrop. But on top of that there are millions of amazing studios that set up with such

    Tsar Palaty

    Everywhere you go in Saint-Peersburg Russia you will find marvelous architectural Jewels…  19 century traditional Russian “Palaty” paintings…. Amazing

    Beauty within

    A desert blossom so preciously rare Sharing its beauty where very few dare Adding its color to a landscape so bland A flicker of life against brush covered sand For amongst the normal it reigns supreme A moments

    Perfect Russian School Girls

    As you can see this is not so much set up pro shoot I have done. This is more personal snaping of my little girl with her girlfriends from school … It was fun and adorable cthcing them play … Perfect Russian