I am more of a natural light photographer when it comes to outdoors. I absolutely love the softness and beauty of natural light. There’s something so airy and gorgeous about natural light, that I feel no flash can ever compete.  Although I do shoot with flashes and I love studio shoots too.

Arriving on time means we will have all the time we both agreed to. As a client you will also be more relaxed not feeling as if your being rushed, a feeling late clients often have.

I love personal elements, so if clients want to bring something that is important to them (musical instrument, flowers, hair piece, a chair, … anything!) I am all for it! I actually encourage clients to bring something that reflects their personality and love ( if it’s engagement photoshoot).

I usually like to chat or write prior to shoot, so I can get a better feel of my clients likes and dislikes, about their personality, so I can capture and reflect that special something about them in my images. Something that will make your friends and relatives recognize not only your face, but the person they love and know! I also like to include a list of ideas to help you think about different ways we could shoot

If the client want to bring the change of clothes I think it’s a great idea. But it’s important to understands the significance of only one outfit change. Most clients want casual and formal. Lots of changes of wardrobes can take a big chunk of shooting time.