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Before and After Artistic Retouch

When we are getting done with the photoshoot and all exitment, anxiety, tenseness and of course fun is over the first thing that my families, models, brides want is…. images  … naturally… And the quicker the better. As much I as would absolutely love to grant my amazing clients with their images right away there is an editing process. It takes time to edit the photographs. Post production is as important as the photoshoot itself, if not more. Retouching and artistic digital manipulation of images takes your good photo to a truly different level. It is time consuming and takes a lot of skill and creativity to do so, but isn’t that what you are hiring the artist for? For your images to look not just good and professional, but magical!Before and After Artistic Retouch 

Here I wanted to share a few “behind the scene’s”. There are before and after photographs, that you can see and  perceive that it does worth the wait. And it is a good idea to trust the photogrpaher you hire and let her/him to his magic! Befo

pintopinterestre and After

At times, it can be difficult to get a photograph of a subject in a particular background. In these cases, I can often remove a subject from an image and, using layers, superimpose them on a different background. You may see one of the examples here. It was about 77 degrees out that day, yet… Christmas was just around the corner and this beautiful family desperately wanted some “Winter Wonderland” photos for their Christmas cards. Retouching like this does involve lots of work and time, but in the end the result so worth it.

Digital photo manipulation, special effects and portrait retouching are some of the services that we cater to. And of course, beauty-retouching has no limits and can be a true art.


Irina Reichert Photography offers 2 retouching levels. I do basic retouching for all of the images from the photoshoot before I present them to you. I also chose a few images ( usually around 10) and create an  artistic  work.  After you will receive the images you will can request artistic retouching on additional images that you loved at additional cost.


We are living in the digital age where technology continues to develop and advance with easy day that passes and where visual art and the digital editing industries have boomed.  It seems that almost every month there is a new model of cameras being released into the market, each one promising bigger and better features as well as increased mega-pixels.  However, if there is one thing that photograph enthusiasts can remain certain of, it is that no matter how high-tech and expensive a camera is, it will always have its limitation.  No matter how hard we try, there will always be that one photo that, when you look back at it, doesn’t seem to fully capture the colors and tones that your eyes were seeing through the camera lens. This is where photograph retouching comes in.


proffesional retouching pintopinterest