This time I found an absolutely amazing location for the bridal photography shoot. It was a mansion of a friend… who is wonderful hair dresser in Raleigh, NC.  Not only he let us use his mind blowing mention … but we also had his services as a hair stylist! Double win! Well… it will be unfair to say just “double” because the bride herself is extremely gorgeous. Shoot like this are inspiration from the begging to the end 🙂


This chandelier was just like from fry tail! Well… I love chandeliers in general… they are just so airy, so pure, so beautiful and they definitely suit so good for bridal shoot. Bridal photography


Ksenia is not only amazingly beautiful girl, but she also could model like a pro. We had so much fun shooting this bridal…

wedding photography

We were shooting there pretty much all day. The bridal photoshoot little by little turned to fashion shoot… without us really noticing it and by the time we were almost done we realized we were shooting fashion… But doesn’t every bride deserve to be on the cover? Or have her bridal images not any worse then those that are published in fashion bridal magazines… right!


Isn’t she totally and absolutely gorgeous!

Can’t post everything we did that day… I am having such a hard time choosing images to post right now lol

bridal photo

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