It takes a lot to create a beautiful image… right mood, good gear, knowledge, skills and talent of the photographer of course… But when you have gorgeous people like that you might even forget about gear and your talent… The photos will be expectational no matter what. They both are naturally calm and sure in front of the camera. It was a total joy to do this session. Engagement Photography

This is not exactly an engagement session. I did their engagement a year ago. This time we just wanted to have some fun and create some good images for their family album. Ksenia found this place with very colorful and different exterior – . It was perfect for the motorcycle theme they wanted. Juggling Gypsy Cafe Engagement Photography

I love how free and real they feel in from of the camera. I didn’t have to coach them much… mainly just let them be themselves and let them see nothing but each other. Sometimes it’s actually the best thing to do… to get to know people you photograph… chat, laugh and when it is time to do the photoshoot…. just leave them alone for a while… to connect with each other. That way you have a good chance of capturing their true inner personalities and what even more important for engagement photography… you get to capture their feelings for each other! One of the most magical aspects that makes images talk… that makes it alive!  Engagement PhotographyEngagement Photography

They had to grab some lunch after a long ride. Good thing this place has a sitting outdoors. The day was too gorgeous to be stuck inside.

There were so many amazing images I had a really hard time choosing the ones for my Blog. But lucky me I got to make an Album for this gorgeous couple… So I had more images to chose and show off. Lucky me lol