I was passing this beautiful field with tall grass on the way to one of the farms that I go to get some fresh products. It’s amazing what you can find sometimes when you are not really looking for anything. I immediately invited one of my recently engageed couples to look at the field and sure enough they loved it. So, we didn’t’ wait for too long and scheduled our engagement shoot that week.  Engagement Photoshoot

I’m glad I got this balloons for lots of reasons… It’s a little childish and innocent plus it gives a great color pop, which I love.  Engagement Photoshoot

Love the bright green grass… Looks so lively and bold. My beautiful couple was brave enough to stay in that field in spite of quite a few bugs biting us. In the end we all agreed it was worth it. Engagement Photoshoot

I love what I do… it is wonderful to be around people in love and being able to capture their true feelings for each other. Weddings, engagemtns, kids and families… best things in life … the true love and warmth. It is amazing to be a part of all the special moments and being able capture and preserve them for people. Little House on the horizon makes the images look more fairytale-ish which we all loved.