Everyone is different, kids are not exception. I love photographing kids as their personality shines through so purely, so innocent, so real. There are bubbly, loud, mess and trouble makers that are a lot fun and… takes a lot of energy to photograph. There are quite and reserved ones, whose world seems to be already deep and guarded. There are kids with big imagination and deep thoughts… And those are one of my favorite photograph, as their charisma is so powerful it speaks trough every image. Fashion Diva

Fashion DivaDon’t think that this Little Model cooperates so greatly everytime I am taking her photos,… not at all! I have to chase her around begging and bribing sometimes. But if all the sudden she will get into the mood! Oh… then it’s a pure joy and each and every shot is a gem.

Fashion DivaShe can have the look and attitude of Vogue Cover Model or she can be cute little girl with innocent little girl expression. Fashion Diva

kids fashionAnd moody too… of course! This is interesing that all these shots were done with natural light and you won’t believe where…. in a pottery shop, where she loves to paint little white animal figures.