High Fashion Vogue style … we had so much fun with this shoot! I came up with this idea of “bold” looking heads in stockings… The flower plug came later during the shoot. Cool ideas come during the shoot time a lot. I am glad I did high key style here. Background would take away from the mood and the look we were trying to create that night. By the way…. make up was done by the model herself! I love it when I have not just beautiful girls for models, but also talented and creative. And I must say I’ve been lucky that way. Pretty much all my models are simply awesome! Fashion Photography

Fashion Photography

It was awesome to photograph two sisters. Made even more of a statement with “bold” stockings heads


Is there any truth in Beauty? Fashion Photography
What of the lies beauty tells thee? Fashion PhotographyFashion Photography

Could my beauty not be as worthy Fashion Photography
As I make thy Beauty part of me?

Such is Beauty as to make one’s sight loud.
This beauty that veils our sense in a shroud.

beauty: that which deters seeing the person.
Does Beauty not conceal what is and isn’t?

Fashion Photography

Yet merciless time holds beauty as a hostage,
Defiles Beauty and scars it with lasting ravage.

Thus the years that pass send Beauty to its resting-place
For vain beauty will yield, to woefully fall from grace.

If beauty should ever lament on age’s cruelty,
Let not Beauty forget how little it has wept for me.

Fashion Photography