This time I couldn’t resist to jump in the shot! And I am so glad I did! I wanted to have a “fairytalish” shoot with another girl and here was my chance lol. I picked an awesome spot … at least I think it’s awesome. I love shooting in those woods. Light is great there and foliage and tall grass give the exact look I was going for. The only problem was to find vintage princess dress… Here came my wedding dress to the rescue! So did Ksenia’s Good thing my wedding dress was made out of two pieces, so I could bring in some color to it by adding different top.  We brought our husbands to do the “press the shutter button” thing 🙂

I had to do all the camera setting of course and pose both of us ( Ksenia and myself) … it was a work out for me lol! I had to make sure everything is set right, then handle the camera to one of “husbands” and the ruuuuun to the other side of the camera. But in spite of all photos turned out great! I was really pleased with the result we got. (Next time though…. I will have to remember to bring a tripod.. that can make this type of shoot so much easier! )

And here we are… after the shoot is done 🙂

Fashion Photography – In the mood for Magic!