I was always drawn to beautifully photographed food. There is something so warm, cozy and welcoming about it. I love cooking and especially baking. This time I was photographing new menu for the fall at one of the best places in town Restaurant Lounge at Lumina Station 1900. The Chef created a true masterpieces and I was so exited to capture his craft with my camera. Here are the few of the delicious dishes. Food Photography

Product PhotographyThis is one of the most beautifully prepared oysters I have ever seen! Food can truly be a real model!

” If you really want to make a friend, go to someone’s house and each with him… the people who give their food give you their heart. ” – Cesar Chavez

2015_10OctFoodFotoCollage 26Another perfection fresh out of the kitchen, carefully crafted by Chef Mike. I saw him cooking a few time and I must say it not any worse then attending a theater play or beautiful show. Sometimes I think it would be nice for people who come to the restaurants to see how their food is prepared. Cooking is an art and I think it mesmerizing to watch a true professional creating his artistry. That adds a little touch of special to the the dish and makes one being a part of the process. Food Photography