One beautiful spring day I had an honor to photograph four generations of stunning beautiful Ladies. All four from oldest to youngest ( 3 years old) were absolutely beautiful women inside and out. We had planned this special photoshoot for a while and were waiting for Grandma to come from Russia for a visit. When we spoke about it with Yuli I already knew it will be an amazing experience. The second I met her mother and grandmother I literally felt like they were my family too! They are so welcoming, so sincerely kind and sweet it was hard not to feel relax and joyful around them.

Irina Reichert Photography

I must say I was shocked meeting this awesome Grandmother from Siberia. I was worried if she will be all right walking to the location I have chosen for them, but… instead of seeing regular normal grandma I saw this beautiful woman who, I was told still works out in gym and likes different sports. To my complete surprise she insists on helping me to carry my photo gear, which is quite heavy. This unbelievable Lady was walking ahead of all of us carrying my camera and lights! I wish all grandmothers were like her… That is actually called “Siberian Health” Glad I am from there too Generations of Breathtaking beauties

mother daugher portraitHere are two beautiful Mother Daughter Portraits. I could only say I wish I spent more time with them.

Mother daughter portrait

Beautiful woman

Gorgeous Yuli. I am surprised she is not a model.

Family Photoshoot