This is one of the most popular questions during client consultations. People either love the idea of an engagement session, or they just don’t understand it.

“We have a lot of pictures together, why would we need this?”

It’s a good question, and there are quite a few reasons why scheduling an engagement session with your photographer is a good idea.

One of the reasons, I want to work with you before your wedding day. This session is a great opportunity to get you in front of my camera and see how we all do. Unless you are a model, you probably don’t know what to do in front of the camera or are super uncomfortable there. These are totally normal feelings.

Like it or not, during your wedding, you are going to be the center of attention, and I will be following you around all day with that big black camera… so it makes sense to do a dry run. You do practice with your hair and makeup, your cake, your caterer and your dress right? Why not your photographer. engagement photography tips

During your one-two hour photo session, you can see how I work. You can see what it is like to have a camera aimed at you for a extended period of time, and you get to see how fast the time really goes by and why you would want  2 hours of portraits at your wedding day (not just of you, but of you, your bridal party and your family).

I also get to see how you are in front of the camera. Are you shy and need a lot of direction or do you naturally enjoy the camera?  By doing an engagement session, I see these things and can plan ahead for them. You don’t want me to realize that you are a “blinker” half way through your wedding day!  If I know you are a blinker ahead of time, I know to shoot a bit heavier than I usually would because I will have to edit out a lot of closed eyes photos. It’s for these types of reasons that I love getting to do engagement sessions. Importance of Engagement Shoot

I also love it because I get to know you better. We get to spend some time together and create a relationship. It’s not uncommon to go out for drinks or dinner after our session just so we can get to know each other better. There is nothing better for me or my clients than being friends by the time that your wedding comes around. Wouldn’t you rather spend your entire wedding day with your partner and a friend instead of a stranger behind a camera? I would think so!