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A desert blossom so preciously rare
Sharing its beauty where very few dare
Adding its color to a landscape so bland
A flicker of life against brush covered sand


For amongst the normal it reigns supreme
A moments clarity in a dark nights dream
It’s a glimmer of hope in this land so wild
Like a parents hugs to a frightened child


For its proof that there exist beauty in all
Whether big and bright or colorfully small
Its blossom still shines for us all to see
Like the beauty within both you and me.
“closing thought”


Beauty is more than just an optical art
It is seen more clearly when viewed by the heart



As you can see this is not so much set up pro shoot I have done. This is more personal snaping of my little girl with her girlfriends from school … It was fun and adorable cthcing them play … Perfect Russian School Girls

It doesn’t take much,
to simply begin.
And let all of it go,
that’s building within.pintopinterest

It’s just like a switch,
that sweet sounding tune.
Never too late,
and never too soon.pintopinterest

Shoulders and hips,
instantly sway.
Bringing forth,
a beautiful day.pintopinterest

Shoulders and hips,
instantly sway.
Bringing forth,
a beautiful day.


With the right partner,
or mutually alone.
Moves arrive randomly,
the next is unknown.

To enjoy fully,
don’t seek a reason.
As long as there’s music,
there’s always a season.


Don’t look around,
or shyly glance.
Whenever you feel it,
remember – Just Dance!





Today I went for a photo walk with these two adorable first graders. The city of Saint-Petersburg Russia is one gorgeous place with breathtaking backdrops. I always say Saint-Petersburg is a true jewel for photographers. We had started our journey from the Academy of Arts, one of the architectural beauty I love. My little model was so overwhelmed with all the details it was quite easy to capture great images.

pintopinterestThis school uniform is so adorable. All first graders are looking like little perfect angels.

pintopinterestPhotographing kids brings me to being a kid too… we have so much fun with my little models.  A lot of time shoots are lasting longer then we have planned simply because we are having way too much fun.

pintopinterestInspiring city scapes

pintopinterestThey turned out to be same kind of crazy lol

pintopinterestOnly brighter horizons, only higher achievements…. only happiness there… in the future…

pintopinterestThe River caged in Granite … these two ran plenty of bridges and jumped and chased each other all over… I had a real work out keeping up with them.


Into the magic land