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This little girl is an absolute joy! She is full of giggles and energy… just like any other little three year old cutie. Photographing kids is very different from photographing adults… that’s for sure lol! Anytime I have a toddler to shoot, I have a total workout and… I really don’t feel bad about missing a couple days in gym. ha! This little curly angel made me run all over the Poplar Groove Plantation.  But I sure didn’t mind. When photographing kids I become kid myself. Being their friend is the best way to get awesome images and let their personalty to unfold. I usually get invited to the tea party after photographing little girls 🙂 They are so unbelievably cute when they look at me and offer to go have some tea with them and their friends. I’d say kids photography is one of the funnest part of my photography life.


Love kids’ expressions! Never need to ask to model 🙂 just talk to them, laugh with them… listen to their innocent and so emotional stories… and you’ll have it all… all the expressions you might be possible looking for…Kids Photographykids photography






If it’s a bridal we are shooting, then besides arriving on time I would encourage the bride to have her makeup and hair done by professionals. I say that because I want bride to feel beautiful, more beautiful than ever.  It worth investing into professional help to achieve the best look. It may also give her a good look of how her makeup will look on her wedding day and will give her time to think of what she loves or what she would like to change/add to her look for her wedding day. Therefore, she can adjust the look she prefers for wedding.



This is one of the most popular questions during client consultations. People either love the idea of an engagement session, or they just don’t understand it.

“We have a lot of pictures together, why would we need this?”

It’s a good question, and there are quite a few reasons why scheduling an engagement session with your photographer is a good idea.

One of the reasons, I want to work with you before your wedding day. This session is a great opportunity to get you in front of my camera and see how we all do. Unless you are a model, you probably don’t know what to do in front of the camera or are super uncomfortable there. These are totally normal feelings.

Like it or not, during your wedding, you are going to be the center of attention, and I will be following you around all day with that big black camera… so it makes sense to do a dry run. You do practice with your hair and makeup, your cake, your caterer and your dress right? Why not your photographer. engagement photography tips

During your one-two hour photo session, you can see how I work. You can see what it is like to have a camera aimed at you for a extended period of time, and you get to see how fast the time really goes by and why you would want  2 hours of portraits at your wedding day (not just of you, but of you, your bridal party and your family).

I also get to see how you are in front of the camera. Are you shy and need a lot of direction or do you naturally enjoy the camera?  By doing an engagement session, I see these things and can plan ahead for them. You don’t want me to realize that you are a “blinker” half way through your wedding day!  If I know you are a blinker ahead of time, I know to shoot a bit heavier than I usually would because I will have to edit out a lot of closed eyes photos. It’s for these types of reasons that I love getting to do engagement sessions. Importance of Engagement Shoot

I also love it because I get to know you better. We get to spend some time together and create a relationship. It’s not uncommon to go out for drinks or dinner after our session just so we can get to know each other better. There is nothing better for me or my clients than being friends by the time that your wedding comes around. Wouldn’t you rather spend your entire wedding day with your partner and a friend instead of a stranger behind a camera? I would think so!


Irina Reichert PHotographypintopinterestIMPORTANCE OF ARRIVING ON TIME

I am more of a natural light photographer when it comes to outdoors. I absolutely love the softness and beauty of natural light. There’s something so airy and gorgeous about natural light, that I feel no flash can ever compete.  Although I do shoot with flashes and I love studio shoots too.

Arriving on time means we will have all the time we both agreed to. As a client you will also be more relaxed not feeling as if your being rushed, a feeling late clients often have.

I love personal elements, so if clients want to bring something that is important to them (musical instrument, flowers, hair piece, a chair, … anything!) I am all for it! I actually encourage clients to bring something that reflects their personality and love ( if it’s engagement photoshoot).

I usually like to chat or write prior to shoot, so I can get a better feel of my clients likes and dislikes, about their personality, so I can capture and reflect that special something about them in my images. Something that will make your friends and relatives recognize not only your face, but the person they love and know! I also like to include a list of ideas to help you think about different ways we could shoot

If the client want to bring the change of clothes I think it’s a great idea. But it’s important to understands the significance of only one outfit change. Most clients want casual and formal. Lots of changes of wardrobes can take a big chunk of shooting time.