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pintopinterestCreating a story

I rarely like shooting with my model looking straight at the camera. Why? Because I am trying to create a story. Remember, when you watching a movie? The movie grasps you, you feel absorbed by the plot. Now take a second and think… Do you ever see actors looking straight at you? Probably not. And if they did you would feel…  almost shocked, or awaken from beautiful dream. Why would a character, from 18th century for example, be looking at you while dancing at the ball. That’s just an example. Story telling photographs are just like film, or movies. We can actually be closer to the subject or story line by being “outside” of it. Storytelling images will capture and touch you a lot deeper if you watching someone’s else’s story. storytelling photography


Ksenia and Errol were made for each other there’s no doubt in it. And when you get to photograph couple that was meant to be.. that have so much passion, love and intimacy… there’s no possible  failure… I know for sure that all images are going to be amazing! We spoke about this shoot a week prior and decided to have fun with water… I wanted let them shower each other with a hose… to cool off that passion that they both have for each other lol. PS it didn’t work though.. love like this can’t be cooled off with anything … ever!


I didn’t have to ask them pose or laugh, or do anything other just be themselves. I was sort of a shadow hovering around them.. catching the moments,…



And a little bit of cool shower for Errol … being next to such beautiful and sexy girl he can use some cold shower and she did have fun showering him lol … Thought he looks like he can care less… all he sees is her…pintopinterest

The spark of passion: chemistry
The simmering of blood and heart
The speed of passion: furious
Almost over before it begins
The length of passion: timeless
Its memory will always live
The art of passion: timing
Knowing when to accept, to give

Mary Fumento


Our love
Like the exquisite beauty of a perfect rose
Ageless, timeless, it knows no bonds – no bounds




Hello, my dear friends … It’s been a long summer of amazing travels and new exiting experiences. I am finely back home and so ready to get back to my blogging and sharing my images and creating new ones. This post I will dedicate to my homeland – Saint-Petersburg, Russia. The country side and one of our country side houses has been always holding the most special memories for me. I love it… And of course, like probably everyone think of the place of their childhood, I think this place is magical. Russia

Irina Reichert PhotographypintopinterestWe, as kids, used to go to the woods… listening to the tales of the leaves whispering on the wind… learning about paths and animal tracks and also … picking the mushrooms, that later grandma would turn into amazing mushroom soup. I must admit, I realized I am not as good as I used to be in recognizing good from bad mushrooms anymore.

Russian woodspintopinterestMy GrandParents Garden. I think it has everything there… from flowers and decorative bushes to tomatoes, currant, strawberries, cherries, potatoes, etc etc

Russian surbubs pintopinterestCranberry and rye fields

magical woodspintopinterestI truly think the woods there are magical. I am so inspired there.

vegetable garden pintopinterestVegetable garden

inside of russian villagepintopinterestOld traditional Russian village. Our neighbor on in the log cabin with his gun was hilarious. He posed with his gun for us.