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Today I went for a photo walk with these two adorable first graders. The city of Saint-Petersburg Russia is one gorgeous place with breathtaking backdrops. I always say Saint-Petersburg is a true jewel for photographers. We had started our journey from the Academy of Arts, one of the architectural beauty I love. My little model was so overwhelmed with all the details it was quite easy to capture great images.

pintopinterestThis school uniform is so adorable. All first graders are looking like little perfect angels.

pintopinterestPhotographing kids brings me to being a kid too… we have so much fun with my little models.  A lot of time shoots are lasting longer then we have planned simply because we are having way too much fun.

pintopinterestInspiring city scapes

pintopinterestThey turned out to be same kind of crazy lol

pintopinterestOnly brighter horizons, only higher achievements…. only happiness there… in the future…

pintopinterestThe River caged in Granite … these two ran plenty of bridges and jumped and chased each other all over… I had a real work out keeping up with them.


Into the magic land



I am so glad to be spending a few months back to my home land and photograph beauty of my home city – Saint-Petersburg and magical charms of Russian forests. I remember walking trough puzzled paths of woods for hours. Those ramblings gave my mind and soul so much thought and so much creative ideas was born while strolling those paths. Now, walking the trails of my childhood I am inspired to create like never before. Magical forests of amazing Russia

pintopinterestThere is certain beauty in Palm Beaches and sandy beaches, but to me… nothing will compare to real, deep, woods ….


The variety of colors is so rich ….


The birch trees were always very symbolic for Russia


Adorable little angel


Beautiful family


One of the best little models… although I can’t really call her a model, she was so real, so genuine…. so angelic.


  • Brad Thompson

    Beautiful photos. I never got the opportunity to explore the forests of Russia so thank you for sharing their beautyReplyCancel

Sticky fingers and a chocolate face
Broken toys and a broken vase

Cars and trucks here and there
Boats and crayons everywhere


Bats and balls strewn in the yard
Sweaty face from playing hard

Broken bones and bloody knees
Stings from ants and wasps and bees


Feet stomping on the floor
Fingerprints on the sliding door

A painful cry and a whimpering whine
A mischevious smile that seems to shine