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It is a little our of the usual theme that I shoot … But I truly enjoyed shooting this amazing musician and looking forward to photograph their all band soon. Musicians have some special magic in them that conquers you and put its spell. Maybe it’s because I am playing instruments too I seem to enjoy their company so much. The Rock Star

The Rock StarpintopinterestThe Rock Starpintopinterest



She loves the night, she lives in shadows… yet her soul shines brighter then million stars. She steps so gentle and so carefully, not to disturb the resting world around …

Irina Reichert PhotographypintopinterestDid you notice that we feel clearer in the dark? Light takes away the true inner beauty, light overpowering and erasing the depth and only highlights the surface. And only when it is dark and we are no longer blinded with outer shine… then the inner beauty starts to shine. Our eyes can’t show us all truth, out hearts can… and our heart can see sharper only when the eyes are getting hush. beautiful modelpintopinterestEverything is quite… so is me… everywhere is stillness so it is in me… I start to hear the voice of my soul… I start to see my inner world… I am in love … in love with this world


Where do I go?
When I’m feeling so lost and I don’t want to be found.
When I’m looking and listening for that peace in my heart.
But I know I’ll never hear that sound….

where do I go?pintopinterest

Where do I go?
Does it take very long?
For me to find that peace and a place where I belong.
Irina Reichert Photogrpahy pintopinterest

The story of the world is an absorbing dream. 
Though longer than our lives, it sometimes feels as brief
As our own rapid days, whose swiftly flowing stream
Bears memory downstream: a light and helpless leaf. 
Irina Reichert Photographypintopinterest
Our minds grow ripe with age and urge our hearts to leave
The cradle of our youth for more alluring shores, 
Yet—late in life—we find it troubling to conceive
A kinder image which our pummeled faith restores.Irina Reichert Photographypintopinterest
When sleep bewitches reason on its restless course, 
The wind of power breathes its daring way across
The distant, fleeting kingdom of our happy source
Of long-forgotten songs sojourning on old loss. 
Irina Reichert Photographypintopinterest
The heavy cataracts of wonted, dull display
And leaden tension creeping down on silent man
Throw freedom and its passions into disarray
And wake the fiendish force whose roar bright fancies ban. 
Irina Reichert Photographypintopinterest
The sign of spent desires—a breeze of the unseen—
Takes shape upon the cloudy shore’s unlevelled sand. 
Alas, I cannot linger in the realm between
True form and wish, before fair Hypnos takes my hand. 
romantic photoshootpintopinterestIrina Reichert Photographypintopinterest
Irina Reichert Photogrpahypintopinterest

Last weekend I shot with an amazing crew of creative people. Any time I get to shoot with ingenious artists it is a true joy and inevitable success. We had lots and lots of looks created by amazing make up and hair artist. I will start from the look I loved the most. Back to the begging

Irina Reichert Photogrpahy fahsion pintopinterestThis functional, yet looking really abounded fair was a great spot for the look our model had. The whole place looked like someone’s old dream. It meant to be entertainment park, yet the feeling I had while being there was the feeling of profound loneliness and loss of childhood dreams… Sounds sad, but life is not all about fun and laughter. The more colors is in life’s pallet, the richer all the feelings and experiences are. Back to the begging

Irina Reichert Photography Fashion pintopinterestWhen I look at these images I feel like writing fairy tales. Maybe one day I will go back to it.

Irina Reichert Photography BeautypintopinterestOur model did an amazing job. She was a true actress changing looks and moods throughout the whole day of the shoot.

Irina Reichert Photography pintopinterest