Ksenia and Errol were made for each other there’s no doubt in it. And when you get to photograph couple that was meant to be.. that have so much passion, love and intimacy… there’s no possible¬† failure… I know for sure that all images are going to be amazing! We spoke about this shoot a week prior and decided to have fun with water… I wanted let them shower each other with a hose… to cool off that passion that they both have for each other lol. PS it didn’t work though.. love like this can’t be cooled off with anything … ever!

I didn’t have to ask them pose or laugh, or do anything other just be themselves. I was sort of a shadow hovering around them.. catching the moments,…

And a little bit of cool shower for Errol … being next to such beautiful and sexy girl he can use some cold shower and she did have fun showering him lol … Thought he looks like he can care less… all he sees is her…

The spark of passion: chemistry
The simmering of blood and heart
The speed of passion: furious
Almost over before it begins
The length of passion: timeless
Its memory will always live
The art of passion: timing
Knowing when to accept, to give

Mary Fumento

Our love
Like the exquisite beauty of a perfect rose
Ageless, timeless, it knows no bonds – no bounds