It’s not a secret there are barely ever snows in North Carolina. It might snow it some more northern spots of the state, but here on the coast snow is a very rare guest. Right before Christmas I had quite a few families asking for “winter wonderland” type of photoshoots. So… I had to make it happened in spite of the temperature outside. It was 76 degrees by the way. Let it snow

IrinaReichertPhotography winter wonderlancElena, mother of this little angel, was amazing! She really helped creating this winter set. She assisted in hanging handmade paper snow flakes that she had brought with her. Our trees with green leave were covered with beautiful snowflakes. Little Ali had so much fun playing with them and when kids are having fun playing and pretending this is the magic time for photographer to click away. Let it snow

Let it snow

With some magic in post processing we did get it to snow on that 76 degrees warm December day.