Little man birthday party. What can be exiting then first birthday? The very very first birthday in one’s entire life. These parties are usually not less exiting and crowded then a weddings. Not less decorated either… if not more. I must admit it’s not always easy task for a photographer to chase little feet everywhere, but if you get lucky the price worth the trouble. Kids are so alive and full of true and sincere emotions. It is really magical to get that recorded and let families keep those images forever. Life Style Shoots


I, personally, always learned toward fashion or slightly prepared, staged photoshoots in a  fairytail-ish vogue style. But I think I am getting to really enjoy documenting real life. There is something so honest, so evident in journalistic style of photography. I think I might start getting more into it. Although fashion, weddings, kids and thought through and prepared shoots will still remain my number one, on the list of favorites. Life Style

Life style, LifeStylePhotography IrinaREichertBlogHappy Birthday Little Sweet Pea! Thank you so much for inviting me to document this very first big event in your life